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Advertising on MaineList

Advertising on MaineListDecember 12th, 2009

MaineList is currently reaching out to over 3,000 visitors per day. Most of our traffic comes by way of past articles, bar room photography, our entertainment calendar, and online directory for websites across the state of Maine.

There are a number of ways in which you could advertise on MaineList. The most effective ad would appear in the upper/right region of the site (in the header). This would be a block graphic 'click-able' ad. The price for an ad in this placement is only $50/week and currently limited to one customer per week.

If I have to design or edit an ad to fit in this region, I charge a one-time setup fee to customize your ad copy to fit the space. Or if you have someone who is capable of doing this for you, I can provide the information required to make it work.

Ads targeted to specific pages or sections of the site might cost less. For example. If you click into the "Calendar" section, you'll notice an ad to the right of the calendar on top of the page. I charge $50/month for an ad in this place. I get a fairly large number of repeat visitors in this section, since people rely on this information from week to week.

Some companies might take advantage of special ad spots located in the middle of our articles. These ads are considered sponsorship ads. Most of this money goes straight to the journalist and photographer for their contribution to the website. The cost for sponsorship is $200 (one time fee) and each of these sponsored ads are permanently saved in the article.

Where Are The Photos?

Where Are The Photos?September 10th, 2009

It's been three months since MaineList moved all of our photos from the myspace account to this website. I still receive emails asking how to get the photos that I have taken in the past. The photos were all removed from myspace and are now stored here on this website! (Visit the Photography Section)

I'm looking for more feedback from those of you who are actually browsing photos, or using this website regularly. If you frequent MaineList and want to help make it better, please write to me and share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

MaineList Calendar
One of my favorite features of MaineList is something that only a small hand full of people currently realize. You can check out events for over 100 Maine-based bands performing all over New England. I use this feature just about every weekend! It's easy, just click on "Calendar" and choose the date to see a long list of activities.