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Fendersen Village Shoppes

Adrienne CornwallI spoke with Adrienne Cornwall, originally from Houlton in Aroostook County, about the gift-shopping plaza in Saco known as "Fendersen Village Shoppes." Adrienne has about 10 years in Sales & Marketing experience, and launched her new store "Maine’s Wild" as the most recent addition to this extraordinary collection of gift-shops.

I asked Adrienne if there have been any other articles written about the shoppes at Fendersen Village. She said “The Journal Tribune, in Biddeford, wrote an article about Maine’s Wild, but we haven’t seen it online. The article featured the Mayor of Saco & the President of The Saco/Biddeford Chamber of Commerce cutting the ribbon for Maine’s Wild.” She seemed proud to be a member of the Chamber and confessed that their affiliations have been helpful along the way.

About Fendersen Village Shoppes

About Fendersen Village Shoppes

"Fendersen Village Shoppes" has been a family owned and operated business since 1998. It was originally known as “The Fendersen Family Farm,” which was a fully operational dairy farm many years ago. Although the business has no connections with the original Fendersen Family, it has kept the spirit of the farm alive with an assortment of antique farming memorabilia, including an old rusted tractor which artistically sets on the "Maine’s Wild" front lawn.

About (continued)In honor of the early American farming and shopping communities of the 1800’s, Maine’s Wild recently placed a mural along the front of the building showing a patriotic farm scene, in the spirit of the times when the farm was still an important part of the local community. The mural was painted by “Carrissa Newcomer” an artist from New Hampshire. It’s just one of the many visual attractions that gracefully set "Fendersen Village Shoppes" apart from other gift shops in New England.

The collection of small businesses that make up "Fendersen Village Shoppes" all share the same décor, and utilize the original buildings including the barn which now gives "Greensfields Country Candle" it’s outstanding nostalgic backdrop. Visitors have more to see than the products that are artistically placed throughout the establishment’s shelves, giving a sort of historic reenactment, which really helps set a more comfortable shopping environment.

A Relaxing Shopping Experience

The stores offer a relaxed atmosphere. Customers typically take their time strolling through the store often in awe by the many hidden treasures, sometimes reminiscing with items that seem to take a visitor back in time.

I would highly recommend senior tours, and should note that there is more than adequate parking available for buses, with plenty of accommodations for food and seating at "Bunny’s Kitchen & Conference Center."

Shopping Experience

Shopping Experience

Many customers frequent the shoppes for wreaths, shells, or gifts in general. These showrooms are amongst the largest around when dealing with Antique Reproduction Furniture, while offering the biggest selection of seashells, candles, framed prints, as well as the ever-popular “Vera Bradley” Handbags.

You’ll find an assortment of unexpected treasures too, such as Home-Made Chocolates/Fudge, Webkinz (website interactive plush pets), Personalized Children’s Music CDs, Unusual 3D Greeting Cards, etc. The list goes on and on.

Custom Hand-Crafted Furniture!

Custom Hand-Crafted Furniture!

The furniture displayed in the showroom are hand-made locally and ready-to-purchase, yet customers should also realize that these fantastic reproductions can be custom-ordered to fit an exact area of the home. It’s surprisingly fast, and inexpensive to deliver custom-ordered furniture.

Remember, these pieces are made to look just like genuine Antiques with Shaker Accents. Custom-ordered pieces will take on the same rich appeal as the items you admire in the store.


ServicesCustom gift boxes & gift wrapping services are available upon request with Fendersen Village Shoppe’s own gift wrapping paper and boxes. You’ll be pleased to know that you can be helped preparing your Gift Baskets too! Other available services include; Scrap Booking and even Interior Decorating!

The holiday seasons are the perfect time of year to go gift-shopping, and while you're visiting, you can pickup your family's Christmas Tree! Thanksgiving begins the sales of Christmas Trees, made available for the holiday seasons.

Doing Business Online

Doing Business OnlineI asked Adrienne if the stores were currently doing business on the Internet. “Online marketing is an integral part of our business!” Adrienne explained, obviously realizing the importance of the Internet's role and how it can help increase sales.

Since the rise of the Internet, walk-in foot-traffic has decreased for small gift-shops around the globe. Web-surfing shoppers of the modern day have become comfortable browsing virtual online product galleries, yet they're missing out on some of finer aspects of shopping. I can see where they are going with the artistic environment of the store's visual concepts. It's not only about the product you end up buying, there's definitely something to be said about the shopping experience too.

Online marketing is key to maintaining long-term business. Their website provides an extensive line of the wide assortment of products available between “The Fendersen Village Shoppes” stores.

Adrienne knows the importance of website communication. “Internet correspondence is important to our business, so we try hard to respond to inquiries quickly, and at minimum always within 24 hours.” With access to the Internet available from her front desk, it’s not difficult to keep the communication flowing when an online customer needs to bounce emails back and forth.

Shipping is handled with the most economic means available. Sometimes it’s cheaper to drive a large piece of furniture to the customer if they live nearby. “We’re not going to spend more money delivering an item to a customer if there’s a more logical alternative. But we can help if it makes economical sense.”

Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign

Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign“Our objective is to assist artist & manufacturer’s with branding & marketing for their own product lines.” Says Adrienne, as she expresses her enthusiasm in dealing with new sellers. “If you have a product worth knowing about, please bring it to my attention!”

You might think that “Maine’s Wild” is a place that deals only with Maine-Made products, however, sellers are not required to reside here in the State of Maine. I saw some jewelry hand-made from a seller located in Massachusetts.

Adrienne tries not to present situations of competition using careful judgment of product-lines, avoiding clashing interests between sellers, while selecting products that suit the nature of the business.

"Maine’s Wild" buys, sells, trades and consigns other people’s products. “Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, we can even negotiate for creative trades,” explains Adrienne, regarding some of the products she’s already acquired through previous trades. “We rent retail gallery space to sellers who have products that they wish to put on display in our store,” Adrienne adds to quickly identify how the consignments often work.

Charities / Donations

"Fendersen Village Shoppes" has been able to select some of their own items to donate to charities, or help with fund-raisers. Some of those charities have included;

  • Saco Grange
  • Saco/Biddeford Chamber of Commerce
  • St.Demetrios 2nd Annual Holiday Auction
  • and Notre Dame Catholic School



Available Resources


Holiday Hours: (Thanksgiving – Christmas)
Thurs 10:00am - 8:00pm
Fri-Wed 10:00am - 6:00pm

345 North Street
Saco, Maine 04072

Business Hours:
Tue-Sat 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun 12:00 noon - 5:00pm


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