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MaineList Article: Mark Cooper (Vocalist / Tattoo Artist)

Mark Cooper (vocalist / tattoo artist)

CoopaMark Cooper, known amongst friends as "Coopa", of Biddeford Maine, is well known in the local rock community as the front-man vocalist for the original Maine-based rock band "Hour Past". His involvement in the local music scene stems back to the early 90's as the singer of another popular original band of the day; "David's Playground" where he began to build a following for his charismatic stage performances. Mark also led a heavier metal band named "Boomslang" before taking on the role of front-man for the radio-friendly hard rock band many Mainers know as "Hour Past".

Mark Cooper started out playing the drums back in the 80's, which might seem strange today, considering his accomplishments as a vocalist. He's also explored the guitar as an instrument for assisting in the writing of his music.

Mark can be quickly identified by the assortment of tattoos that he wears proudly upon his body. And if the tattoos aren't enough, he is also well known for his heavily driven ambition to be seen as a rocker through the attire that he wears. Colored contacts, piercings, bold/colorful hair, and interesting combinations of rocker-style clothing set him apart from a lot of the other musicians in the community. But one thing that sets Mark apart from many of his performing peers is his self-confidence in the way he carries himself.

Coopa continuedMark has always had skills within the fields of art. Whether it be music, drawing, painting, it's no wonder that he eventually became a professional tattoo artist.

Coopa worked at Old Port Tattoo for two years in Portland, where he apprenticed to become a licensed tattooist. He recently took over "Millennium Tattoo" where he worked for 4 years in Biddeford. The studio is now respectfully named "Coopa Creations" and caters to many of the fans of his music, but more importantly to those who appreciate the required talents of a good tattoo artist.

Over the years, I've seen Mark's artwork come up in various promotional fliers, cd cover artwork, comic book ventures, as well as logo designs for bands. His work has become much more intense in the later years since he's begun a new life of putting his work on people's skin. I meet people all the time who proudly show their tattoos and confess that "Coopa" did it. It's not just a tattoo to them, it's something a little more personal, which only supports my assessment of his charismatic impression on those who are touched by his talents.

Mark is also a strong family-man. He is the proud father of six children, who he lovingly accepts into his life.

Hour Past

Hour Past

Hour Past continuedCoopa's current musical expression is wholeheartedly with the band "Hour Past". With their new CD release, "A Vacant Smile", still making sales and requests on the radio, and a steady stream of shows across New England, the band is doing well for themselves.

The band is being promoted by Rat Pak Records, and has had some pretty cool opportunities to play alongside other class acts from the State of Maine as well as some national acts.

The band lineup includes;
Coopa - Vocals
Jeff - Guitar
Chace - Bass
Josh - Drums

Hour Past has a couple of music videos which they have made available on their myspace page. Those videos include; "Sinister" and "Pray for Me" which is something that I highly recommend checking out.

There are also a selection of songs available to listen to including their own rendition of the 80's song; "Don't You Forget About Me", which was originally written for the 1985 film; "The Breakfast Club". The hit song became known as a "Simple Minds" song, even tho it was actually written by disco producer "Keith Forsey" and punk guitarist "Steve Schiff" specifically for the film.

Hour Past photos

Hour Past photos

Personal Summary

Personal SummaryI wanted to kick off these articles with something familiar to me, which is why I elected Mark Cooper as my first choice.

I met Mark, and jammed with him in a couple of musical projects back in the early 90's. During that time in our lives, we were both energetic and ambitious musicians aspiring to survive and be noticed in the local music scene. We spent unmentionable time together as best friends, and participated in countless jam sessions, open-mic nights, private party gigs, and so forth. Together, we have explored some of life's more challenging obstacles and somehow managed to not only survive it all, but come out on top.

I'm pleased to know that Mark is still a regular part of my life, and always no further than a phone call away. Although we both live separate lives now, I'm sure that we'll maintain a lifelong friendship, always able to recall our memories of the past as we continue to evolve into the future.

Here are a few reference links if you'd like to know more about Mark Cooper, Hour Past, or Coopa Creations.


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