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With over 25 years of working knowledge in the field of guitar and amplifier repairs, Patrick Piscopo is a qualified service technician with his newly recognized home-business which he calls “Music Tech” on his personal business cards. Patrick independently manages his small repair service through a growing network of musician friends, as well as referred business through satisfied customers. Fully certified for most major brand product lines, with experience working through various local music stores throughout his years of experience as a repair service technician.

About Patrick PiscopoOriginally from Bennington, Vermont, currently residing in Saco, Patrick still commutes back and forth frequently. While speaking with Patrick about his musical backgrounds, I discovered some rather interesting facts. One story Patrick shared with me really captured my attention as I learned that he once caddied for Chet Atkins.

“I was Chet Atkins' golf caddy for about 2 years and got to know Chet fairly well during that time period.” Pat recalled, researching his memories as he continued… “We had many personal conversations, and even took a few photos together!” I could tell by his enthusiasm that Patrick’s memories with Chet were something he seemed to cherish. And of coarse, why shouldn’t he? Being a fan of good guitar playing, it’s understandable.

As Patrick continued to remember his past, he brought me back to an earlier period in his life when he spent three years on tour while following “The Grateful Dead” between the years of 1978 and 1981. “I met all of the members of the band, and even shook hands with Jerry Garcia himself!” he recalled with a grateful smile. :)

Patrick’s past has brought him into many run-ins with other celebrity musicians. “I supplied one of my black strats for John D. Hollman to play at the Durham Blues Festival in North Carolina. Jorma Kaukonan also ended up playing the guitar, because it was setup so nicely.” Patrick’s thoughts wandered further as he added; “Oh yeah! I also helped setup Buddy Guy’s Stratocaster at that show as well!” It must have been an awesome experience to not only meet, but also help furnish instruments for these much appreciated musicians to perform on.

Guitar Collection

Guitar Collection

During my interview, I noticed that Patrick owns an impressive collection of guitars, including some of the following;

  • 1956 Les Paul autographed by Les Paul himself
  • 1960 Gold Top Les Paul signed by John Scoffield when they met at the Ogunquit Playhouse back in 1999-2000
  • An interesting Harmony guitar that has been heavily modified by a previous owner. Modifications include matchstick siding, which is very unique and makes the guitar a great conversation piece. It has hand painted images on the front and back.
  • Pat is building a guitar cut from scratch. He started with 2 boards, a yellow-birch neck, and an African Babinga body

There are a variety of acoustic guitars setup in different areas of his home. I happen to be a guitarist myself, and Patrick eagerly invited me to try out a few of his guitars, while warning me that many of his acoustic guitars are tuned to a different open tuning.

He handed me a guitar tuned for Led Zeppelin’s “Rain Song”, knowing that I already know how to play the song, and asked me to play it for him. It was a beautiful Taylor guitar, and I was impressed by the action on the guitar. Despite the numerous guitars in his collection, the guitar was tuned perfectly, and had excellent playing action. I didn’t hesitate to start playing, and felt comfortable performing the piece as Patrick is also a big enthusiast for any musician with skills.

I could have spent the rest of the day looking at each and every guitar in his collection and listening to all of the interesting stories that go along with each piece of his collection. I was quite literally blown away.

Repairs and Restoration

Repairs and RestorationPatrick has dedicated his home’s basement space to become his own private workshop for guitars and amplifier repair services. “I do a lot of electronic repairs.” He confessed, “Mainly for guitars and amplifier repairs. Pickups, string action, playability, tonality, electronics, etc.” As I peered around his home-shop, I could see several projects that he is currently working on.

“I really find it most rewarding doing full restorations for guitars, because it allows me to bring a guitar back to the way it was intended to be enjoyed.” I asked him what he meant by his statement; “People are often pleasantly surprised to see their finished guitar, having never truly realized the guitar’s full potential.”

“Every musical instrument from wood block to harpsichord started with it’s own original voice, but through use and misuse, an instrument can lose it’s voice over time.” I found this to be rather interesting. Patrick concluded; “My experience has taught me to remember and recognize that instrument’s intended voice. My goal is to help bring back the original soul of the instrument.”

Services Interview

I had to ask Patrick, “What kinds of things can you offer that may be different from competitors in this field?”

“I can offer free diagnostics to an extent, depending on the situation of the time involved.” Patrick explained.

From my own experience as a working class musician, I meet many musicians who don’t have the extended budget to afford pricey modifications to their instruments. Sometimes just repairing a broken P.A. System requires an entire band to chip together to afford the costs of such repairs. “Repairing out of necessity can be a drag, and nobody likes spending their hard-earned cash fixing equipment that breaks down from heavy useage. There’s still a lot of musicians out there who don’t even get paid to perform!”

“I’ll deduct $10/hour for first time customers to help win their confidence!” Patrick also knows, being a musician himself. His love for music has given him the skills to help other musicians, but he’s well aware of the limited funds that many musicians have to spend on their instruments. With no middle-man or overhead from running a commercial storefront, it’s possible to negotiate for better pricing.

Curious about the capabilities of more frequent business, I asked; “Are you able to service bulk repair orders, say from outside stores who have need for extended service departments?”

“Definitely! I can augment service availabilty to service outside repairs for stores who are overwhelmed with their own client base.” Patrick has already worked in a few different music stores in the past, and knows that some stores are known to send their repairs out to be handled by outside technicians. “Mail order repair is an option that I take once in a while since some of my existing customers are from other areas, too far to travel.”

“I know that you used to work for a few different music stores in the past, but are you still able to Buy, Sell, Trade with your customers?”

“In a situation that helps both parties, so long as everyone benefits, sure!”

“What longterm goals do you have for the business?”

“Fully bonded and insured company with business license to become a legitimate business owner with public retail store space.” Patrick expressed ambitiously, “Proprietorship of a music store would be ideal. I’m more interested in training other individuals to work under my own authority. Providing musical knowledge to others.”

“Looking around your home, and workshop, I couldn’t help but notice you have a fairly extensive collection of musical items. What’s all this stuff for?”

“I save a lot of what other people might consider junk,” Pat sees a broken Stratocaster as something that deserves another chance. “Partially broken, name brand items, can be aquired cheaper and have provided a good canvas for practicing or experimenting with good quality name brand equipment.” Patrick has been doing this since he started as far back as 30 years ago!


Repair Services
Acoustic and Electric Instruments
Electronic Equipment

Patrick Piscopo
Saco, ME 04064

Fully Certified for most major brands
25 years of experience

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