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Fisher James Co, Inc.

First Time VisitorsFirst time visitors may seem surprised to discover the impressive inventory of quality pieces laid out in the store's showroom floor as they walk into Fisher James Discount Furniture & Supply store in Biddeford, Maine. The appearance on the outside might be deceiving to the actual contents within the store, as it just doesn't seem large enough to fit the wide assortment of quality pieces that the store has on display.

As you walk in, you'll be greeted by rows of office chairs, followed by various styles, shapes, and color choices by some of the industry's finest office desks, furniture, filing cabinets, and much more.

Robert M. Hayward

Robert M. HaywardRobert M. Hayward, owner of Fisher James, seems comfortable in this homey Biddeford business environment. His keen understanding of office equipment comes from a lifetime commitment to the field. Fisher James has been a family owned business since 1978, but has actually existed since 1945!

Bob lives in York, Maine and travels thirty-five minutes to work every day. Business hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday and open Saturday by appointment only.

There are currently 9 individuals staffed with the company, including 2 outside salesmen, 2 service/repairmen, a dedicated office manager, as well as drivers for delivery.

Although Bob seems content with it's location in Biddeford, having existed there for over 60 years, Bob hopes to see the building remodeled or possibly rebuilt; "Hopefully within the next five years". The familiar red building may take on a larger floor plan with a more modern appeal, but I'm certain that it won't lose it's personality or charisma as it's staff continues to serve the local community.

More About The CompanyFisher James caters to both business owners as well as any typical walk-in customer.

We are able to be more personal with our customers, allowing more emphasis on quality service, friendliness, and concentrating on commercial-grade office furniture rather than budget pieces. “If you want to buy a $39.00 chair that requires annual replacement… Go to Staples!” exclaims Bob as he explains the difference between quality pieces and low budget mass produced items available in corporate superstores such as Staples or Walmart (for example).

You won't be reminded by the employees of one of these superstores that your recently replaced equipment still has some monetary value. But you might feel comfortable asking Bob Hayward. In some circumstances Bob may even offer to take your old furniture off your hands with a trade value towards equipment that is more suitable for your needs. You won't get service like that from corporate chains!



Fisher James is currently servicing customers within about a 100 square mile radius from their Biddeford location. The company tries to avoid costly and otherwise impersonal postal delivery and prefers hands-on delivery through their own team of familiar-faced salesmen who customers often get to know on a first name basis. The Fisher James staff is knowledgeable providing a friendlier delivery experience.

Repair Services
Fisher James offers various repairs for a large assortment of electronic office equipment; computers, cash registers, typewriters, calculators, fax machines, small copiers and much more.

"There are very few people that fix typewriters now-a-days. In fact, there is nobody around who has more experience repairing typewriters than the two gentlemen who manage our service department." boasts Bob as he defines the experience of his dedicated staff. "Between the two of them, they share over 100 years of experience with electronic office equipment repair knowledge!"




Most Requested Product
IOF Products in general are amongst our most requested product lines. They offer a great quality at a great price! As stated on their website; "Fisher James sells new, used, factory closeouts and distressed commercial grade office furniture - all at discount prices." Out of curiosity, I asked Bob to explain what "distressed" furniture really means...

What do you mean by distressed?
Bob said; "Our claim to fame is in our marketing with brand new furniture which has been damaged in the wholesaler's warehouse. We buy this merchandise by the truckload and sell it at 60% off of the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail price!".

The minor warehouse damage is enough to prevent the item from being sold for the suggested retail value, but is not the sort of damage that weakens the integrity of the product itself. Minor blemishes, scrapes, scratches and dents. (from my own personal observation). The display room proudly shows these pieces because there truly is nothing to be ashamed of.

Best Seller
"Eurotech chairs is our #1 best seller. It’s perfect for people suffering from back problems. Eurotech's fully ergonomic chair alleviates most back issues." reports Bob, as he exhibits his undeniable knowledge of the product.

More Products

More Products

On The Internet

On The InternetFisher James can be found online at their website; The website supports a full selection of available office equipment including; desks, chairs, book cases, business equipment, file and storage cabinets, business forms, and more!

Internet sales are on the rise, and the company aims to continue offering the same quality service to customers online as they do in person. Bob supports his claims by stating; "Our Office Manager does a fine job corresponding with our website visitor's emails. She frequents the company's email inbox at least 3 times a day in an effort to always stay on top of our increasing Internet inquiries. We consider these online transactions to be a high priority!"

A lot of people speculate that the Internet could someday replace walk-in store environments such as Fisher James, but this company intends to stay on top by maintaining it's website and providing it's products to web-surfers as well as local patrons who have shown loyalty over the years.

The Teacher Needs A New Desk!

Fisher James is sponsoring a contest awarding a FREE Desk to the school teacher with the worst looking desk. This contest is open to all public schools in York County, Maine.

To enter your teacher into this contest, email a picture to: (Please Note: Contest expires December 1st, 2007). Include your name, the name of the school, as well as the name of the teacher.

See the website for more details about this contest, or any other active contests or donations that may be available.


Mailing Address:
Fisher-James, Inc.
PO Box 277
Kennebunk, ME 04043

Local: (207) 282-8888
Toll-Free: (800) 500-6574

Physical Address:
Fisher-James, Inc.
600 Elm Street
Rte 1, Industrial Park
Biddeford, ME 04005

Local: (207) 282-6181
Toll-Free (800) 500-7898


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