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MaineList Articles: Attention Club Owners!

Attention Club wants to write an article about your venue! Your article will feature your establishment in an effort to familiarize our readers with the available options for entertainment. This service is currently FREE, so we encourage all venue owners in the state of Maine to participate by contacting us for an interview.

The purpose of these articles is to provide a palette to build a fully functional, user-friendly, interactive Entertainment Menu to help bands, and club owners bring audiences to shows across the state of Maine.

We believe that by providing articles along with an accurate schedule listing of events, our viewers will learn about other options in their areas and begin to give other venues and bands a shot in their quest for weekend activities.

Leave a message at: 207.284.5691 to schedule your FREE interview. Please provide your; Name, Venue Name, Phone Number, Town/City, and any Additional Information that will be helpful while evaluating your club or bar.

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