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with Matt Delage at Genos in PortlandTonight, I met up with Matt Delage, who many people know as “Splatt”, the drummer for “Blue Collar Product”. We sat down at the bar at Geno’s in Portland, and talked a bit about some of the cool things he has done together in the past 15 years with his band.

Now, I’ve known Splatt for a few years already, so I was a bit surprised to hear about some of the adventures that he and his band had amassed, even since I’ve met them.

“We just played at the Civic Center for the Taste of Chaos Tour on March 18th.” Matt explained. “We won the Battle of The Bands contest put on by Ernie Ball and were rewarded by being able to open for this tour as an opening act to some really great bands.” Matt was referring to “Avenge Sevenfold”, “Atreyu” and “Bullet For My Valentine” who were also on that bill.

Battle of theBandsThere were 30 bands competing for Ernie Ball’s competition, and Blue Collar Product ended up on top of that battle.

“We were nervous when we showed up. We saw two mosh pits happening at once, crowd surfers, and 150% energy filling the room even before we started playing!” Blue Collar Product was the first band to kick off the night, and the crowd was ready for war!

With hardcore metal influences like; “Biohazard”, “Hate Breed”, “Slayer”, and old school “Metallica”, and other influences from bands like; “Pennywise”, “The Misfits”, and “Black Flag” to name a few.. Blue Collar Product was there to answer their screaming war cries.

BCP OriginsSplatt is pretty much the voice for the band, doing most of the social networking and marketing, booking the gigs, and basically representing the ‘engine’ of Blue Collar Product. The band however, does all of the writing, where one member may bring in a new riff, and the other guys will find their own personal addition until all of the pieces fit.

Blue Collar Product actually formed in Florida back around 1994. “I was 15 years old when the band formed. I would have to sneak into the gigs sometimes just to be able to perform.” Splatt recalled.

The band’s name came from their original singer, “Jon Garber”, who left the band when they decided to move back home to Maine. “All of us come from our parents who were all basically working in their own respective “Blue Collar” careers. Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, and so on.” Splatt tried to explain how Jon came up with the name.

“We stuck with the band name cuz we really liked it.” He showed me a tattoo on his arm that said; “B.C.P.”, and then noted that another member of the band also sports a similar tattoo which identifies his placement in the band as a life-time member.

FloridaThe band consists of five members, three of which are brothers, while the remaining two are very close friends. These guys have known each other all their lives, or at least since early childhood.

Three of their current members were with the band since the beginning when they formed in Florida. Two of those members were; “Matt” and “Eric”, two of the brothers from the Delage family, while the other was a life-long friend; “Rick Berube”, who has been playing guitar with the band since the start.

After moving back to Maine, BCP needed to replace their vocalist and bassist. So around 2003, the band added “Brendan McVeigh” on the bass, with yet another Delage brother, “Eric Delage” on lead vocals. Now, a lot of bands will say they feel like family, but when BCP says it, you can take it quite literally. lol.

Splatt is a really hard hitting drummer, built for the situation he’s in with this hard driving, angry, loud, in your face metal band. BCP has enough material to perform up to two hours of original music, but most typically books for forty-five minutes to one hour sets.

“Happy Birthday Splatt and Nikki!”

Happy Birthday Splatt & NikkiToday’s event at Geno’s felt special, especially to Splatt and his beautiful wife Nikki, who were collectively celebrating their own birthdays while putting on this show.

As I had seen announced in Splatt’s online graphic fliers, which seemed to be all over myspace in the past week or so, Splatt was celebrating his 30th birthday, while Nikki celebrated her 24th. So, this wasn’t just your typical Friday night gig, it was also a birthday bash!

The lineup for this birthday celebration included three bands. The opening act; “Boring Kind of Guy” from New Hampshire, “Blue Collar Product”, and oh yeah.. those graphical fliers that I’m talking about.. Those are the work of “Max Leon”, a talented artist out of Portland who happened to be in the headliner band; “The End of Everything”.

Max LeonI spoke with Max a bit about his art and experiences, and was delighted to discover a rather cumbersome list of accomplishments through his own art company; “Sybil Kreative” which has been around since 1997.

“I have done work for a lot of big names over the years. “Wonder Drug Records” hired me to do some design work for “Colepitz”, Billy Graziadei from “Biohazard” has had me design two Biohazard T-shirts, and I even did a piece for “TSR”, the company who puts out “Dungeons and Dragons” products, for a “Dragon Magazine” cover.

Max added that he’s been really good friends with BCP for quite some time, and has done over 30 shows together. “When Splatt mentioned this birthday party to us and invited us to come and play, I said “Hell Yeah!”, and we made it happen.”

Max also did the artwork for BCP’s last album, entitled; “Addict”. “In fact, Max does all of our artwork. Ever since we’ve been in Maine.” Splatt added appreciatively.

RecordingBlue Collar Product has recorded a total of three albums. “Our first record was a collection of older material which we pretty much polished up and re-recorded.” Said Splatt, referring back to the 2003 release of “Blood Lines”.

This was followed by a second E.P. which was recorded out of “Big Sound Studio” with John Wymen, which they entitled; “The Pledge of Resistance”.

Then came the third album, an E.P. entitled; “Addict”. This one was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Billy from Biohazard at “Underground Sound Studio” in New Jersey back in 2007.

“Recording with Billy was a highlight for our career.” Said Matt, who really looked up to Biohazard. “So when we had the opportunity to record with Billy, it blew our minds.” Matt got to know Billy since he started working with him in the studio, and have become friends ever since.

SpinoutFor a Maine-based hardcore metal band, BCP sure gets a lot of public discussion. I couldn’t help but notice a couple of articles posted on their myspace from various publications, as well as some videos that really helped certify the band’s reputation.

“Spinout plays us regularly. We have actually done four or five shows with “Mark Curdo” from WCYY’s Spinout since we have been in Maine.” Splatt toted. “Curdo has been there for us since the beginning!”


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