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On Thursday June 19th, I attended the first show of a summer concert series supporting Maine local artists at Club Mirage in Old Orchard Beach. Mainelist.com and Club Mirage owner Eryn Steele have collaborated to support Maine artists and will do so every Thursday night throughout the summer at the club.

The opening bands for this series were Severed Mind, Lead Stiletto, Dead by 27, and Fastburn. I had the great pleasure of spending time with four of the hottest up-and-coming girls in rock this evening, Lead Stiletto. Everyone that participated is greatly appreciated and we thank you for coming out to rock the house, but the girls of Lead Stiletto really put something into the air tonight that got people rocking.

Brandye DevineI was not very familiar with this band before I met them for the interview, and was a bit surprised upon that first meeting. Everyone is under the age of 25 and this band is less than a year old, having only played together since October of 2007. But that didn’t have an effect on their stage presence and performance. These girls know how to have a good time, and more importantly know how to spread that good time to others within listening distance of their rock ‘em, sock ‘em, let’s show them all how it’s done tunes.

Lead Stiletto consists of, in no particular order, Brandye Devine on drums, Caitlyn Landau on lead guitar, Jaime Gore on Bass, and last but most certainly never the least, Rachel Henthorn as the lead vocalist.

Another thing that shocked me a bit was the fact that only one girl has prior band experience. Brandye, spent 2 years in the group Sinferno and a very short amount of time with another band named Guttersnipe.

Rachel HenthornOther than that, none of the other girls had a lot of experience with gigs like this, but that didn’t matter because they played every bit like professionals.

When asked about influences and if any other family members had musical talent they all had something to say.

Rachel who has been a singer since the second grade did not grow up around music; no one in her family played or influenced her indifferently. She just knew that she liked singing and has done it all of her life, with the exception of a short hiatus that she took from it before being pushed by her band mates to start again for the sake of the band.

She also told me that her greatest influences musically have been, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, and Hammerlock a band local to Oakland, California but known for playing as a national act.

Jaime GoreNext we’ll talk about Jaime a little. She told me that her dad plays and that is what kind of got her interested in playing the bass guitar that is nearly bigger than her.

She seemed a bit shy while I interviewed the girls as a band, but the rest told me that she was quite the opposite. I still failed to see it. Maybe next time I see them it’ll be different.

Quiet or not, another thing that the girls told me about her was that she is THE music aficionado. You’ve heard of Wikipedia? When it comes to music, just check out Jaimepedia. She can answer any of your music related questions right down to record label, year recorded, and album that a specific song came from. I’ll have to think of a good one and quiz her the next time that I see her around!

She got her influences mainly from Black Sabbath at first, as they are her number one. Then she moved on to like 60’s and 70’s rock and branched out from there. Other influences have been, Pentagram, St. Vitus, the Obsessed, and Saxson.

Caitlyn LandauCaitlyn comes from a very musical family. Mom, dad, and brother all play instruments. Mom plays the church organ, her dad plays guitar, sporting mostly classic rock and is beginning to get into some jazz more recently she said with a crinkled nose. Her brother plays drums and guitar.

Influences for her were much of the same as the other girls. Namely Black Sabbath, but also Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott of Damage Plan and Pantera.

Brandye DevineFinally we get to Brandye who stated to me that she did grow up tomboy after I asked them all if they were or are. She was the only one.

No one in Brandye’s family plays an instrument, but she went on to list her top 5 influences for me. John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Neil Pert of Rush, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, Vinnie Appice of Black Sabbath, and Will Broadbent of the local band Ogre.

Caitlyn and Brandye grew up and went to school together in South Portland, and Rachel and Jaime grew up and went to school together in Freeport. They somehow became interconnected and come to us now as a kick ass rock band named Lead Stiletto.

About Lead StilettoWhen I asked about the name and how it originated, Rachel told me that lead was supposed to symbolize the lead of a bullet. And stiletto was really a clever play on words, one that even I didn’t catch on to until they explained it.

Stiletto to most would be a woman’s high heeled shoe, right? Nope, in this case stiletto is the representation on a knife or dagger. Very Cool, and unique.

The crowd was a mixed one and given that there were four bands total tonight, not everyone was there to see just them. Although they did have a following of fans and I think gained a few new ones as well.

The band Bloody Marble collective, who are all close personal friends of theirs, came out to show their support. Eric of that band told me earlier in the night, while both Jaime and Caitlyn were present, “Before you stands half of the best rock band in Maine!”

The girls had a rough start because sound was off a little in the beginning, but they overcame and kicked ass on stage to show everyone there that you don’t have to be a guy to slug out some heavy hitting tunes that make you pump your fist in the air with pleasure!

Lead Stiletto in closingLead Stiletto have a sound unique to themselves and definitely stand out musically. Upon first hearing them I suddenly thought of a female Hendrix or possible a Janis Joplin. They have chemistry that helps the music work perfectly every time.

Rachel has a crunchy, but yet melodic voice with incredible range that can bring a man to his knees and incapacitate him. Jaime’s bass style is booming and focused, Caitlyn’s heavy hitting, sleazy guitar brings just the right sound to every song. I can’t even begin to describe the passion that Brandye brings to the music with her beats. When she grabs a pair of sticks and sits down in front of a kit, she puts her heart and soul into it and you can hear it.

I simply fell in love with the music that these ladies bring, and that I think is the best way to describe them. They bring it!!


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