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Losing Tomorrow @ Club Texas

Tonight I went to Club Texas in Auburn, Maine to listen to the musical styles of "Losing Tomorrow". They were third to play in a line-up that started with "Soundbender" originally of Bangor. Second up was "Thrust 13" from Portland, and last after Losing Tomorrow was "Loki" also from Portland.

Let's get one thing straight right now though, all of these bands rocked and didn't play in any specific order because of greater or lesser talent. Eventually we will talk to all of these other bands too, but tonight I focused on "Losing Tomorrow".

Let's get one thing straight right now though, all of these bands rocked and didn't play in any specific order because of greater or lesser talent. Eventually we will talk to all of these other bands too, but tonight I focused on "Losing Tomorrow".
AdamA little about the club first though. Club Texas seems to be a really cool venue to see any show, especially because they have so much room to play with. They have the place split into two rooms, a very large room and a smaller room that we occupied for the heavy metal show that I am about to talk about.

The larger side was playing country/western and the decor was a little like a modern day honky tonk complete with working mechanical bull! That in itself was pretty fun to watch, but I didn't give it a try tonight as I had more important things to tend to.

Like the smaller room that we were in, which contained roughly 100-150 people and was perfect for the night of rock that we were about to enjoy. After asking around though, I did find out that if you can guarantee a crowd of at least 300 or more the big room is yours' to perform in. Minus the bull of course. ;)

Adam GoyetteThis was the first time that I had seen Losing Tomorrow perform, and to be honest I hadn't even heard their music before tonight and I still wonder what the heck took me so long to do so!

Upon first observation these guys don't really look like they belong together.

Adam Goyette

The lead vocalist for Losing Tomorrow is Adam Goyette, tall and thin, who dresses kind of grunge and looked kind of like a skateboarder.

This guy has a really strong stage presence and knows how to make a room full of people thrust their fists in the air and smile with delight as he belts out the tunes that only he is known for doing.

Juan & Izzy

Juan & Izzy

Juan Carlos Garcia, as he introduced himself to me, is one of the guitarists, and a kick ass one I might add too. Juan is Hispanic with beard and long hair that covers his face, much like "Slash" from Guns & Roses. (photo above/left)

Israel Everett or otherwise known as "Izzy", also plays a pretty mean guitar, has a modern rocker look to him. Blond goatee with colored accents, torn jeans and t-shirt. (photo above/right)

Sean & JeffDrummer, Sean Rice (shown left) has a big teddy bear quality to him. He is soft spoken and laid back with dark eyeliner, and black nail polish so let's say an Emo teddy bear! :)

He does some really impressive things when you sit him in front of a drum kit too. At one point during the show he was asked to do some fill-in and he put on quite the show with an awesome solo that kept the crowd pumped and wanting more.

Finally we make it to Jeff Matthews (shown right) the bassist that can come off as pretty intimidating looking with the pink tipped mohawk that he sports. That is until he flashes that playful smile that the girls seem to love.

The BandAnyhow, you put them all together and they are one kick-ass rock band that puts their heart and soul into each and every one of the songs that they write and play.

These guys really knew what they were doing and had quite the following as the crowd was mostly young but did vary somewhat in age. When I did get the chance to sit down and talk with these guys I found out some pretty interesting things and it also gave me some insight into how and why they were such a good, tight sounding band.

The guys have all known each other since they were 8 years old and when they began playing music, they did so in Sean's garage with the incredible support of Sean's dad who unofficially adopted the other guys in the band because of the long-time friendship that they had. When the bands' "dad" passed 2 years ago it hit all of them pretty hard, but they persevered and played still. Rest in Peace Mr Rice.

While in high school, a friend of Jeff's' told a friend of theirs' about this really cool band that he should check out. That friend of a friend turned out to be Marc Michaud, the owner of "Fat Rage Productions". Marc has since managed them and I have to thank him for most of the information given to me for this story. Thanks man!

Band ContinuedThey told me that they got their name from a collaboration by the entire band. They were still up in the air about what to call themselves when they decided to have each member write down a couple of names on a piece paper and finally just read them all off until they came upon one that worked for them all.

The band plays mostly Maine venues and seems to camp out at "The Mirage" through most of the summer months which a great place to see a show if you have never seen these guys or anyone else there for that matter.

One show that they soon won't forget though is one that they played September of 2007 when they were the opening act for "Drowning Pool" and "The Exies". Many of their fans on Friday night were wearing t-shirts that adorned the Losing Tomorrow name and symbol. For sale as well though were C.D.'s, mugs, mouse pads, and pins, all of which allowed you to show your support in the way that best suits you.

Band Summary

One last thing that sets them apart, but makes them what they are is their taste in music and who influenced them. Adam likes anything loud, crunchy, and heavy. Sean is an emo guy and told me that "Breaking Benjamin" has to be his fave. Juan likes 90's grunge and you can hear a little of it in his guitar playing which is great because that was a great sound. Jeff also likes' late 90's to current stuff, especially "Pearl Jam". And Izzy is pretty versatile with his likes of anything from 80's to current metal.

One highlight of the night for me was having the opportunity to meet with "Kennedy", famous as one of our local rock DJ's on "WTOS". Kennedy had a lot to say about the band because he had seen them on several occasions and told me that I was in for a treat, which it definitely was.

I guess that this about wraps it up. For a great time with a band that will get your blood flowing and make you scream for more, stay current with their myspace to catch the dates and clubs that they are playing.


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