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BallistikTonight was another Round-up at Club Mirage in Old Orchard Beach and the entertainment scheduled was Ruin, Kipe, Absence of the Sun, and Ballistik. I of course was there to interview none other than the crazy, heavy rocking, jokesters, known as “Ballistik”.

In this band we have Kirk Duguay on Bass guitar, Eric Pfusch on guitar, Greg Johnson on Drums, and I can’t refer to this next guy as the rest of the band refers to him as so I’ll just say his name is Rick Servidio and his instrument is lead vocals. These guys like to joke and laugh so while interviewing them it was sometimes hard to believe if they were giving honest answers or just pulling my leg, but they were really cool and I had a lot of fun talking to them.

All of the guys have many years of musical experience, but oddly enough the music that they grew up listening to couldn’t be any further from the crunchy, heavy, decibel breaking, theatricality that they displayed this evening at the Mirage.

KirkKirk grew up listening to country western and loved it. He is the oldest member of the band at 47, and dated himself when he talked about watching Buck Owens and Roy Clark on Hee-Haw as a kid. Rick was into power ballads and had a thing especially for Bonnie Tyler thinking that Meatloaf and she would make the ultimate power couple. Both Greg and Eric have always kept it real and stayed true to their metal roots.

The members of Ballistik have been together since 2004 when Eric and Greg both long time friends and formerly of Mastacation formed the band. Kirk is the newest member and recently played for Damaged Goods and the Simpletons. It was through the Simpletons that he met and got the opportunity to jam with Ted Nugent. He also played for Thai. Rick joined the band only a year and a half ago. Before that he played for Evolution and more recently Smokebox. Greg was in Evolution with Rick and has also lent his musical talent to Shackled Reality, and Malignant.

I already made fun of Kirk by saying that he liked country as a kid, which he really did, but he did have other influences as well. He liked 70’s metal / hard-rock like Deep Purple and Rush as he got older. And surprisingly enough no one else in his family showed any interest in music. He also runs and owns a sound company called “Sounds Radical” for all of your recording needs.

Eric and Greg

Eric and Greg

Rick’s all time favorite band is Pantera, but moving back to his 80’s roots he also grew up listening to In Flames, Sebastian Bach, Tom Waite, and of course Bonnie Tyler. Rick also had no other family that was an influence to him musically.

Greg listens to bands like Devil Driver, Lamb of God, Korn, and 7-Dust. He’s played the drums since he was 5 years old and no one in his family played an instrument or sang either. In starting the band Greg is the one that also came up with the name Ballistik, while thinking that WMD just didn’t work as a first choice.

Eric is the only member of the band who at least has cousins that play the guitar, and he also played the saxophone in the fourth grade for some musical influence. But professionally he liked listening to Iron Maiden, Slayer, DSI, and just about everything heavy that comes his way.

RickAs we finally got the chance to talk about the band as a whole I found out that they have played with Drowning Pool, Crisis, Suicide City and will be playing with Hell Yeah when they make it to New Hampshire. They are passionate about the music that they told me that they like to play like an open jam band that just reformats the music to the situation. As told exactly if you listen closely to the song 208. I won’t tell anymore, I don’t want to give anything away. I was also told that two of their songs hit number one in the metal category on a site called “Disc Factory Jams”. These guys are going to do something big someday!

While I watched them up on stage it was easy to see that they take charge, but have fun with it too. (And this next song, is a love song…) They like to prank on each other and I was told some pretty wild ones, but that doesn’t stop there. They also like to joke and pull each other’s chain on stage too.

When it all came down to it though, these guys know how to rock. Eric can hang with the best of them. He plays heavy and loud because that is what they do, but while warming up I listened closely and he can definitely play with feeling. The experience that he has on guitar really rang through the entire night.

Love SongsGreg plays with a small kit but he knows how to make big sounds. I’ll mention again that he has played since he was 5 and his showmanship comes out when the time is right.

Kirk also made it loud and heavy but kept telling me about all of the amps that he has and couldn’t bring just because it would take a truck in itself to bring them. I’ll have to take a trip to your studio Kirk so that I can get a real show sometime man! He kicked ass by me still and brought excitement to the stage.

Rick doesn’t play but knows how to scream. It amazed me that he could still talk by the end of the night. I guess it must have been all of the nights in his room screaming side-by-side with Bonnie Tyler that conditioned his voice. Honestly though, Rick put on the finishing touch that brought one hell of a band together.

About halfway through their set they played around a little and played some 80’s classics. Like Scorpions, Motley Crue, Van Halen, meets Slayer! And Slayer came out on top with just a little of the classics sticking through enough to recognize what was being played. But it sounded cool as hell.

One crazy, young, fan by the name of Brad Lessard told me, “This is my first time seeing them and they are just f’in awesome!” So there you have it. No other way to describe Ballistik, but Ballistik, and f’in awesome. AND OUR NEXT SONG, IS A LOVE SONG...


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