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New Photo Option: 4 x 6 Prints


It's been quite a while since I've done any updates for MaineList. I'm still behind on New Year's Eve photo posts, and am truly sorry for those of you who are still waiting.

I added 4 x 6" Prints to the drop-down options menu for purchasing photos. Now you can purchase these smaller prints for half the price of the larger 8 x 10" prints. Shipping is included in the cost of Prints.

Due to financial crisis, I haven't had the necessary time or money to put into the website in the past few months. I'm hoping that business picks up soon for everyone's sake.

Mr.Goodbars & The Project Seven


MaineList has recently published two new articles and we're still working on getting our photo archive up to date. Please hang in there just a little longer :)

Billy McDaniel interviewed Gina from Mr.Goodbars in Old Orchard Beach for a great article about her experiences owning a bar.

» http://www.mainelist.com/index.php?i=33

Norm Jacques met with The Project Seven at Champions in Biddeford during their CD Release Party for a great article about their band.

» http://www.mainelist.com/index.php?i=59

Don't forget, you are now able to leave comments at the bottom of our articles and photos pages. We hope you take advantage of this new feature of MaineList.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Web 2.0 and SEO


MaineList is currently working on upgrading our website to become a part of the Web 2.0 frenzy. Soon, you will be able to contribute to the content of our website through member commenting, voting and more!

Upgrades will also help boost MaineList in the search engine rankings with our new table-less website design. Pages should also load faster, and be less buggy.

We hope you enjoy the updates, and look forward to another year as we continue to Explore Local Music!